Priska Zuber completed her PhD in cognitive neuroscience in Basel, Switzerland, and is a postdoctoral research fellow at the MindS-Lab.  

Priska Zuber

Why do you do research?

I have always been very curious in understanding how people work and if something is not working, how we can change it to the better. Being a researcher allows me to be curious, think creatively about solutions and while doing so hopefully help other people with my work.

What is your favourite structure in the brain?

The thalamus, as this fascinating structure deep in our brain is involved in almost everything we experience and how we function, for example in regulating sleep or wakefulness, cognitive functions, processing of touch or motor control. In a way the thalamus can be seen as an important train station for inputs from our body to the brain.

When are you satisfied with your day at work?

When I was able to strike through a point on my rigorously updated to do list with my red pen, found a mistake in a script I programmed that kept my analyses from working, or when I had an inspiring conversation with a colleague or participant.

What is your preferred research tool or method?

I like to do research using the MRI scanner. It is always fascinating to me to see the brain.